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New Zealand Maori Shaman, Kerry Strongman - Friday, April 15 from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

Hear a radio interview with Kerry Strongman on Global Sharing

Discover the relationship between health and shamanistic art

Kerry Strongman has been embraced by many Shamans, Tohunga’s (Maori Shaman) and Medicine men from Aboriginal peoples throughout the world. Kerry draws on much inherent and acquired knowledge in creating these special pieces. The atmosphere and presence of Kerry’s work can only be fully appreciated when experienced first hand. Due to much needed healing and understanding throughout the world, Kerry is exhibiting these works in many of the worlds major cities.

“The Arts Factory” is currently the working studio of Kerry and Monique Strongman of New Zealand. It is where they produce Kerry Strongman’s Contemporary National and International exhibitions. The most widely known exhibition is Kerry’s “Jewellery for Giants” (see photos below).

His topic at the Seven Hills Health Expo "Healing through sculptures created in 25-45 thousand year old swamp kauri" (see photos below) will reveal the wisdom we garner from nature to improve our own health.

The Arts Factory was pulled together by Kerry and Monique so that the Primitive and Modern styles of art and artifact creation could be brought together in one place (just as we can pull our consciousness together to create better health). The Arts Factory has its own website and gallery so that work produced can be marketed “in house”.

The giant Kauri tree, a native of New Zealand is one of the largest trees found anywhere in the world. Living Kauri trees have been found as old as 4,000 years old with heights up to 150 feet and girth of 60 feet. The Kauri tree is a national treasure (Toanga) of New Zealand and is a protected species.

The wood used in the production of The Strongman Exhibition is sourced from swamp Kauri which can be carbon dated to between 25,000 - 45,000 years old. Thousands of years ago a natural disaster caused many Kauri forests to be covered and buried in swamps. The swamps perfectly preserved the characteristics of this wood. The trunks can weigh up to 100 tons when harvested and a considerable amount of work, expertise and care is invested in the production of these unique artefacts.

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